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Relocating to Denver?

Whether you are considering relocating to the Denver area for your job or for personal reasons, moving is a huge challenge associated with not just home finding, but all the factors that are important to your present family's life style.

Relocating to a new community is considered the 3rd most stressful event a family will face in their lifetime.  Having received over 250 hours of workshop/tutorial programs to better understand and perform tasks as an expert Relocation Counselor, I have relocated over 200 families and am regularly referred to by leading agents and relocation companies throughout the country to handle both incoming and outbound transferees.

In the event your relocation is being orchestrated by your employer or your employer's third party relocation company, be assured that I have successfully worked with most all both large and small relocation company's over the years, and fully understand their requirements.  I appreciate that you, the transferee, need to have a smoothest and least problematic moving experience possible.
The following links will take you to some great information and hopefully answer many of the questions that often come with a cross-country move.