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Home Inspection Companies

Caveat Emptor...A thorough Buyer inspection is warranted, even in Colorado, a State with rigorous seller property disclosures.  Home inspections are addressed in the Contract when buying a new or resale home. Per the Contract and within a specified time, the Buyer has their choice, at their expense, to schedule virtually any type and number of inspections they so choose.  Once scheduled, the Buyer is expected to be present, and is often accompanied by their agent for the full duration of the inspection, which may last up to 4 hours.

The companies listed below are extremely qualified to perform whole house inspections as well as radon gas testing for you.  They will give you both a written and pictoral report of the inspection, and any recommendations as to improvements that may needed as well as safety issues or hazardous conditions that may exist.  They will normally NOT perform sewer scoping or lead based paint analysis.  Those inspections are performed by companies expert in that area, and for an additional fee. 

The first link below is a great video of what to anticipate during your inspection.

The links below that are Inspection Companies that my clients have employed in the past and recommend.